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How can I win with Super5?


In the Super5 playing option, players win if their chosen numbers correspond to the numbers drawn. You can win the grand jackpot by correctly matching the 5 numbers drawn or [...]

How to play QuickPick on Super5?


With QuickPick, the system will automatically generate random numbers for you to play, based on the minimum numbers allowed per this game category. While the system will automatically generate the [...]

Can I play Super5 online?


Yes, players can play Super5 online by visiting the National Lottery website and creating an account. Once registered, you can select your numbers and participate in the draw. The online [...]

What is Super5 PLUS?


Super5 PLUS is an add-on game to the Super5 where a second draw is conducted from a pool of numbers 1 to 45, and players can win prizes by matching [...]

What is Super5?


Super5 is a pool-based game of chance where players select five (5) unique numbers from a field of forty-five (45) numbers to win prizes based on the number of matching [...]

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