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How do I fund my account using MasterCard?

To get started with depositing funds into your account, please log in to your account and navigate to the ‘Cashier’ tab. From there, select the ‘Deposit’ option.

Once you’ve done that, you should see the CreditCard logo on the screen. To choose this deposit method, simply pin the option next to the icon. Then, enter or select your deposit amount and bonus code (if applicable), and click on ‘Deposit’.

On the next flow, please complete the ‘Credit Card Deposit Form’ and click ‘Submit’. Make sure to enter all the relevant card details such as credit card number, CVV2 number, and expiration date accurately.

After submitting the form, you will be notified if the transaction was successful or unsuccessful. In the event that the transaction fails, you will receive an error message that explains the reason for the failure. Please ensure that your card has sufficient funds to complete the transaction.

If the transaction is successful, you will receive a message that reads ‘Successful Credit Card Purchase’. Close the window and return to the lobby. The update to your account balance should be reflected within a few minutes. In the rare case that your balance does not update within two minutes, try logging out and logging back into your account.

Latest update: March 27, 2023