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How do I fill in a FastKeno ticket?

To fill out a FastKeno ticket, first, access the FastKeno menu from the sidebar on your mobile or top mega menu on desktop or tablet. Select your game type, which can be based on the amount of numbers you want to play or the type of bet you want to place. Multiple game types can be selected for a single board.

Once you’ve selected the game type(s), click on “Choose Numbers” and pick your desired numbers for each game type selected.

Once you have selected your numbers, click the “Confirm” button to validate your board. If you want to play multiple boards, you can add them at this time, up to a maximum of *10 boards, depending on the game type(s) selected for each board.

When playing FastKeno, you must choose at least 1 number per board, depending on the game type selected. You can choose up to 10 numbers to play or select multiple game type options for the same board to play a system bet and increase your chances of winning.

(*) Note that if you have selected multiple game types for a single board, the number of boards allowed per playslip may vary depending on the number of combinations.

Latest update: April 28, 2023