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Can the lottery game rules be modified?

National Lottery plc reserves the right to modify the rules of any lottery game they offer at any time and at their sole discretion. National Lottery plc also has the authority to change the game rules, including the frequency of draws, the odds of winning, the cost of tickets, and any other relevant factor.

It is important for players to understand that any changes made to the game rules will be effective immediately after they are announced by National Lottery plc. Therefore, players should regularly check for updates to ensure that they are aware of any modifications made to the game rules.

Furthermore, it is important to note that any modifications made to the game rules will apply to all players, including those who have already purchased tickets or placed wagers before the changes were made. Therefore, players should carefully review the updated rules before participating in any lottery games offered by National Lottery plc.

Latest update: March 23, 2023